Sex Trafficking

“Sex trafficking is one of a number of structured forms of violence against women and girls that is systematic and universal.  Like some, for example, domestic battering or war rape, sex trafficking is typically against some law almost everywhere, but it operates almost everywhere with relative impunity.  Moreover, unlike some forms of gender violence, sex trafficking is a huge and highly successful industry, easily rationalized by free market principles.  The marketed product, of course, is human, largely female, and typically without agency in the trafficking transaction.

Because the sources of sex trafficking are economic and patriarchal, and are rooted in traditions that legitimate the exploitation and sexual use of women, the demise of the industry will require social change at many levels.  Success in attacking this global problem will also require the commitment and cooperation of people and organizations around the world.”

Excerpt from Kathryn Farr‘s book, Sex Trafficking:  The Global Market in Women and Children


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