T Minus 10 Days

4 thoughts on “T Minus 10 Days

  1. I know you’re freaking out, but this trip is going to change your life and it’s going to be a fantastically positive experience! Part of that is keeping a good attitude and not freaking out though okay? Turn that freak out energy into positive thinking if you can, okay? You can do this!

    1. Thanks Trannybrows! You have done so much for me in preparation for this journey and you continue to have my back while I’m gone. You’re a damn good friend Adam James and I appreciate you so much. I owe you my first born. I hope you’re enjoying The Wire and that it’s getting you through the winter in Montucky. I don’t miss the snow and cold. Right now, I’m in the village. Everyone is sleeping and I’m at the computer listening to the sounds that surround me. I like each place I’ve visited for different reasons. Beach, city, village; it’s all pretty damn good. You’d love the food!!! I’ll call you once I land up north. As my grandpops would say, “Keep a stiff upper lip.” Love, N

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