Bite the Bullet

I did it.  I bit the bullet and extended my flight to the last date possible. Rather than leave today, I am committing to staying in Southeast Asia until fall or later, finances permitting.  It’s a ballsy move on my part since my funds are dwindling but I’m just not ready to leave.  I feel my work is only just beginning.  I have an amazing offer from DEPDC/GMS to stay long-term and I also have a semi-decent job offer teaching English in Singburi (three hours north of Bangkok) starting July 1st.  My third option is changing my flight yet again and returning home early (and broke) if the going gets tough.

Support Stateless Children With Education and Life Skills Training

So this is a call to action.  Several weeks ago I added a PayPal donation button to my blog.  You can see it on my home page in the right-hand column. Should you want to help me help others, I’m proposing this:  50% of all donated proceeds will go to DEPDC/GMS directly which will support education programs for stateless migrant children from Burma, Laos and Thailand.  Without DEPDC/GMS, these children would receive no educational opportunity through the Thai government as they are not considered citizens of Thailand.  Without DEPDC/GMS, these at-risk youth are endanger of being trafficked into jobs involving sexual or labor exploitation with no say in what is done to their bodies, no rights to protect them, and no opportunity to earn a decent living wage. DEPDC/GMS’s programs also offer vocational training, meals, accommodation and basic health and hygiene.  The other 50% of the proceeds will go to me to help administer these programs. Your donations will also help me feed myself while I work as an unpaid volunteer in the prevention of human trafficking. You may donate as little as $5.00 – an amount that goes a lot further here than it does in the Western world. Donating is easy. Just click the donate button and enter your desired amount. Any and all donations are extremely appreciated and each donor will receive a small incentive for giving to my cause.  You can rest assured that the latte you skipped this morning and instead donated to GWS has helped support children in the border region of northern Thailand.  These children are underprivileged, come from impoverished or broken homes, and are without access to basic health care, education and freedom of movement.  Please know that your very donation has contributed to safety, protection, and education for minors who could’ve ended up in brothels or sweatshops.

Thank you for your kind consideration, my dear readers.

Every Bit Helps!

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