Wanted: Quantum Leap in (R)evolution

“The history of the human race always has been, and most likely always will be, that of evolution and revolution.” Lewis F. Korns


4 thoughts on “Wanted: Quantum Leap in (R)evolution

  1. We are the revolution against the revolting…I love this photograph and will re-create this image for my altar of evolution!
    Revolution is the evolution of spirit…love it! Miss ya girl!

    revolting present participle of re·volt (Verb)
    1. Rise in rebellion.
    2. Cause to feel disgust.

  2. Girl. I have been cruising your blog all day. love it. love love it.

    I’ve volunteered for DEPDC in the past, and would love nothing more than to find a way to pay off my school loans and head right on back. Your courage, passion, and wit is inspiring.

    I hope we get to meet some day : )

    and, I love this picture.

    1. Thank you Nicola!!!! I’ve heard about you from the other vols at DEPDC/GMS! Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I also hope to meet you in person one day. DEPDC/GMS is here when you can return! GSW is definitely my baby and you can expect more to come as the 2011/2012 year unfolds! Take care girl! And let us know what you are up to these days. Yours in prevention, N

      P.S. I have student loans too. One word = deferment!

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