Xanax, Anyone?

I survived my first day of teaching yesterday. It was exhausting, chaotic and really not that enjoyable to be honest. There are those who can teach primary school and enjoy it, but I’m not one of them.  I’ve been ruined in some  ways because my DEPDC/GMS students are mature, eager to learn and attentive which makes teaching rewarding and delightful.  My classes at the private school are like baboon shit fights without Adderall. Add a language barrier to the mix, cultural differences and a lack of discipline, and you can imagine the terror.  Of course there are sweet  children here who are adorable and smart.  Mostly, I think this just isn’t for me.  After yelling for three hours, watching kids beat each other with notebooks and rulers, trying to detract them from obsessive-compulsive behaviors involving chalk and paper, and trying to stop them from running around like banshees, I’ve determined two things: Pay me more or I’m only doing this short-term. And by short-term, I mean two weeks. 

The silver-lining in all this is threefold.  I know for certain what I thought I knew before – that primary school ain’t for me.  I also know that I want to stay focused in NGO work so better to find paid work in that, be it here or back home.  I also have a new-found respect for primary teachers worldwide.  They deserve six figures.


4 thoughts on “Xanax, Anyone?

  1. I can just see you now…..ready to beat the kids yourself. And it makes me giggle to myself. So your concern about the really awesome job for NGO is that there isn’t enough funding? Would you get paid at all?

  2. Yes, but it’s complicated. As for the private school – it’s getting better, me thinks. The kids are starting to warm up to me so maybe this will actually work for some length of time. I’m really fortunate to have this job in so many ways. I need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

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