Here, There, and Back Again

Lo and behold, my circumstances have changed yet again in what I would describe as a cyclone of a week.  The position with Volunteers in Asia is back on the table!  They temporarily yanked it for funding purposes and I was preparing a permanent exodus, but the offer is back on the table! After the initial shock of the blind-side, I am back in action and feeling quite right about it all.  The contract is for 12 months commencing August 1st, including training in Cambodia and a language course in Thailand as well as health insurance, living stipend, return flight and a foot in the door with VIA’s vast international web. I am most delighted to stay in anti-trafficking work for an additional year as a paid volunteer.  I won’t be getting rich anytime soon but if these last six months are any indication, the next 12 will be just as mind-blowing as I delve deeper into the prevention of human trafficking in this region of the world.  I’ve already had the privilege of working with Al Jazeera, MTV EXIT, and Plan International as well as meet people from all over the world and network with numerous NGOs in the vast global web of social change.  I have been changed by the amazing people I work with and the amazing people we work for.  Experience is everything.  And this experience has been invaluable. I’ve never been ready to say goodbye.  I feel I am just beginning.

As my visa is long expired and my cash flow is dwindling, I’m jumping a plane back to the U.S. for the remainder of the month.  I plan to sell my car and whatever else I can muster to pay off some debt and accrue some savings so I can return to Southeast Asia for the next year without financial stress.  I would also like to hold a fundraiser to raise awareness of the work I am doing in this area of the world.  I need to work out several logistics as well as see all my loved ones and return to Thailand fully prepared for another year.  This is an expensive choice, but I see no other option. I have a return flight that’s about to expire and VIA will help with the cost of the flight back to Southeast Asia.  So I will have three short but hopefully blissful weeks in Zootown.  Get ready!  I have a lot to do in this time but I’m trusting it will all come together.  I will land in valley on July 9th.  Can’t wait to see you all!!!!

I want to give a giant shout out to my dear supporters and readers!  You continue to amaze me.  It is with your contributions, encouragement, and continued support – whether financial or otherwise – that I have made it this far. Couldn’t’ve done it without you.  And to those supporters who’ve only known me for a short time (my dear Henry and Jen Jira) thank you both for your kind support.

Reporting live from a balcony in Mae Sai.


2 thoughts on “Here, There, and Back Again

    1. Coming home is going to be amazing!!!! I can’t wait to see everyone. I only have three weeks which sucks but a girl’s gotta do it. I’ll be back to SE Asia on August 1. Whirlwind!!!

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