So Much Love

12 hour bus from Mae Sai to Bangkok.  17 hours hanging out in Bangkok, city that I love.  5 hour flight to Seoul, Korea.  12 hour layover in Seoul’s airport – voted the best in the world and understandably so.  It exceeds all expectation.  10 hour flight to Seattle followed by 2 hour layover.  One hour flight to Zootown.  Left Thailand on Friday; arrived in Zootown on Saturday.  Crossing the international dateline never ceases to confuse me but I’m home and it’s amazing albeit freezing.  My body is going through dramatic climate shock as I’ve adjusted to the intense heat and humidity of Southeast Asia.  Here, I feel like wearing a parka even though it’s 80 degrees.  But the crisp, cool mountain air is literally a fresh breath.  Intoxicating.  So far, my reentry has been pretty smooth.  Not much in terms of reverse culture shock and jet lag seems to be in check although that could change in an instant.

Being home is incredible.  It’s not so much about the place but about the people I love and adore here.  I’ve already laughed myself to a near piss and have enjoyed getting caught up with everyone and everything I have missed these last months.  So much love on all fronts.  Great food, great champagne, great company.

Today marks the first day of business.  While I’m trying not to stress out about all the logistics that need to fall into place now, I know there is a lot to handle while balancing quality time with loved ones and some down time for rejuvenation.  Will there be any down time?

I need to sell my car, secure my visa out of Portland, Oregon, purchase a return flight that doesn’t break the bank, sell half my belongings, have a party so I’m sure to see everyone while I’m here, and pull off a fundraiser to raise awareness about human trafficking prevention and the work we do at DEPDC/GMS.  Is this all possible in three weeks or have I lost the plot?  I guess I’m about to find out.  


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