Falling Into Place

Being home has been a whirlwind but amazing nonetheless!  I spend my days checking off tasks on the to do list while balancing visits with friends, family, former co-workers and this amazing community I have called home off and on since 1988.  Zootowners:  You never cease to amaze me!  Being home has been more incredible than I imagined.  A lot of wonderful things have happened in a such a short time. First and foremost, a very kind woman in Seattle who I will keep anonymous unless she prefers otherwise, has given a very generous donation to GSW.  I am completely humbled and grateful for your support! Thank you dear donor for believing in me and in the work I am a part of. Women helping women.  Powerful stuff.

I’ve been home for exactly a week and have secured my flight back to Bangkok for July 29. I have sent off all required documents for my one year non-immigrant, multi-entry visa. I’ve seen the doctor, prepared my car to be sold, gone through my entire life that is boxed up in my mother’s garage – more than half of which will be sold at a garage sale next weekend to help fund another year of volunteerism. This time around I will be a “paid” volunteer meaning I will make enough to pay rent and eat and not much more than that.  So I’m selling off what I no longer need so I have some sort of cushion.  Letting it all go in a way I never thought I would.  Feels liberating!  I’ve attended numerous dinner parties, a wedding, a full day of catch-up with my old crew at Garlington, Lohn and Robinson (great to see you ladies!), and quality time with the people I love including my favorite soon-to-be-four-year-old. Never a dull moment!

I’ve also secured the Stensrud – thanks to the generosity of my old landlord – to hold a fundraiser while I’m home.  I intend to present on human trafficking prevention, DEPDC/GMS, and what I’ve been doing these last six months for anyone interested in learning more about modern day slavery, what the international community is doing to eradicate it, and how you can get involved.  Stay tuned for details!

I still have a lot on my plate and just two weeks to make it happen.  Chuay duay Buddha. Fingers crossed but so far it feels like it’s all falling into place…

Blessed, humbled, grateful, happy.


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