Huge Gratitude

Being home has been amazing. This community and my family in it are incredible. So much has happened in such a short time.  I’ve sold my car and most my belongings. Flight is booked and visa arrived yesterday.  It’s been crazy running around each day but worth it for the life I want to live in Southeast Asia. HUGE THANK YOUs to everyone who has helped me – whether with physical labor, buying my wears, or support of the work that has changed my life. It really does take a village and I couldn’t’ve done it without each and everyone of you. Special thanks to Sherry Lee who has been my personal assistant and has moved heaven and earth to get all this done in such a short time. Girl, you da bomb! Hilarity has gotten us through it together. That, and a lot of gin! Tonight I’m having a party for my friends and family in celebration of it all.  I won’t see many of these faces I love for at least a year if not longer. From the bottom of my  heart, I love you all. You’ve all had a part in making me the person I am today and I am grateful for every step that has led to this. Now, let’s tear the roof off!

And to Suzanne, Amy and Jake who are struggling with the blows life can throw sometimes.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you face these difficult challenges. Much love and light.


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