GSW Hits 100!!!

Today GSW has reached its 100th post!  To everyone out there who continues to read about the journey, thank you for your continued support!

Here’s a glimpse of life in Phnom Penh…


4 thoughts on “GSW Hits 100!!!

  1. Congratulations on one hundred awesome posts! I’m so very proud of you, and am in awe of your fearlessness, your beautiful photographs, and the warrior you have become.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I LOVE this way of sharing in your journey! Thank you Noel for taking us with you! Girl, your photographs are so damn good!!! You really capture and share your heart journey so beautifully through your images. You Rock!! And your writings are so insightful and engaging! No doubt girl, your passion and spirit shine through the awesome combination of your writing and photography. You are so talented and inspiring!! Thank you girl for the work you do…thanks for representing!!
    love ya, miss ya!

    1. Oh Sherbear, you are too kind. Don’t shower me with all these compliments – it might start to go to my head! I will continue to share more photography on the bloggity blog now that I’m up and running.

      I met a man from England last night who told me I have no business trying to change human trafficking in Thailand because to do so means I’m compromising individuals’ livelihoods. I had to ask, “Or does it mean I’m compromising your ability to buy cheap sex?” In any event, he was a righteous prick. I wish you could’ve been there for the debate. I couldn’t stop thinking about estrogen in the water supply….

      I love you and send many blessings your way, every day.


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