Mae Sai Bound

The last eight weeks have been spectacular. Three countries, two continents, many loved ones, incredible experiences, joyful moments, so much laughter, NGOs doing inspiring work, a new family of volunteers, a lot of love, dancing and, of course, a load of training in TESL, grant writing, and Thai language. Today I head home to Mae Sai to get settled into my life again and return to DEPDC/GMS for another year of human trafficking prevention.  I want to thank everyone who touches my life and brings me joy. There are so many of you. And I am so inspired by you to be the best me I can be. I have no idea what will unfold this next year but I am honored to be a part of it.  Su su!

Leaving Chiang Mai is bittersweet for many reasons.  It’s a truly charming city with so much to offer.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I love wondering cities photographing graffiti.  Here’s some of the recent stuff.  Catch you on the flip side in Mae Sai…


2 thoughts on “Mae Sai Bound

  1. Awesome! Loved the update and pictures. You could put together an awesome book on grafitti around the world some day! From Missoula to Mae Sai 🙂 Good luck with DEPDC Part 2! I will try to mail you soon. Love, Adam

    1. Thanks Adam! This awesome computer has changed my life and as such, you will be seeing a lot more photography on GSW. In fact, I will have to go back thru the older posts and update many of the images. One day I would love to publish a book on international graffiti. Two place to visit before doing so are Berlin and São Paulo. They are legendary! I hope you are doing well and enjoying fall. I will miss the crisp air and changing colors. Let’s Skype soon! There is much to catch up on. N

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