Misfits + Rebels + Troublemakers



2 thoughts on “Misfits + Rebels + Troublemakers

  1. OH, halleluiah…an explanation…I can stop therapy, accept my inner rebel rouser, nourish my trouble making kick ass inner beauty and know that I AM crazy enough to… yes, change the world and misfit enough to believe it! Yeah baby, I am a legend in my own mind…even my therapist agrees!

    Brave and Crazy each and every divine moment…

    Sherry Lee LFSD

    1. Hallefuckinlujah! And you, dear Sherry Lee LFSD, are not just a legend in your own mind. You are a legend in the minds of many!

      Let us rise up and stab them with our plastic forks! I say wear your “Rebel Rouser” t-shirt and tote your “Kick Ass, Take Names” freak flag and let’s start the revolution! Oh, wait. It’s already started. I guess we’re just on time!

      Love you always girl,


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