T Minus 31

Today is December 1st.  n 31 days it will be 2012. How did we get here and, more importantly, where do we go from here?  These last two months have been b-a-n-a-n-a-s.  I have been all over northern Thailand.  Jaunts to Chiang Mai, Chiang Khong, Lampang, Chiang Mai, Mae Sai and back again.  There have been numerous adventures and several blindsides.  My NGO is quite a different place since I returned in September.  Numerous key staff members have resigned; funding is shaky at best; my department is half the size it used to be; we are lacking leadership; and I’m doing the job of at least two, if not, three people. This has left very little time for blogging, photographing, writing and researching. Most days I’m on a dead run to get done as much as possible and I can’t lie, I’m exhausted. This isn’t a sustainable way to live and I won’t do it for much longer unless some serious changes are made. Call in the reinforcements! In two days I leave to Bangkok and then onto Vietnam for a volunteer conference, which will be a breath of fresh air as I need to get out of Thailand, clear my head, take a break from working seven days a week and reevaluate it all.  This NGO is in a very precarious place right now and it’s hard to know if this is an opportunity I should seize or a catastrophe I should run from.  I know one thing for sure:  I have been in Southeast Asia for almost a year. It has been an incredibly life-changing experience and I have been fortunate to meet inspiring people from all over the world. I’ve also been fortunate to travel extensively and work in the area of my interest.  No one said going after your dreams was going to be easy or effortless.  Sometimes you just have to trust that you’re on the right path…



4 thoughts on “T Minus 31

  1. Don’t be a hard rock when you really are gem! So says L-Boogie, and so says me. Go somewhere you can shine–the geographical coordinates do not matter. I’m proud of you, no matter what.

  2. Hey, sorry to hear about the ups and downs at DEPDC – I totally feel for your position. Hang in there – you are an amazing woman and volunteer and I know that you will indeed move forward!

    And enjoy your VIA conference – it’s going to be SUCH a breather away from MS/ work. I still remember going away to Malaysia/ Cambodia (where we had our conferences) and feeling whatever stress melt away! 🙂 Recharge!!!

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