It’s Just a Ride

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Sri Chinmoy Ghose

FACT: Every human being could be fed on this planet many times over. The problem is not technical, it is financial.

FACT: Between solar and geothermal energy, we have enough clean power for 1000x our population. The problem is not technical, it is structural.

FACT: If the mental and material resources spent on the world’s militaries were spent on truly efficient production methods, a material abundance could be created for all the world’s people. The problem is not technical, it is traditional.


6 thoughts on “It’s Just a Ride

      1. I disagree that it can support the 7,000,000,000+ currently here. We’ve long overshot carrying capacity; see, for example, massive dead zones in the ocean (from industrial agriculture fertilizers–just for food, a basic human need), topsoil depletion, the mass extinction of plants and animals currently underway (the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history, and the first one not of “natural causes.”).

      2. I agree we cannot support the existing 7 billion people on this planet in our current destructive dynamic. Harness solar, wind and geothermal energy and rid ourselves of coal, oil, gas. That would be a major shift. Replace industrial agriculture with small local organic farms. Ban plastic. Reject. Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The question remains to be answered. Are we beyond the tipping point? I’m glass-half full on that one.

      3. I’m not glass half-full or half-empty. I’m, “There is a glass with 4 ounces of water in it, which will sustain a person for this long…” A realist, in other words =)

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