Victory for America

Wherever you may stand on the political spectrum, I think it is safe to say that America got it right yesterday. It was a victory for our nation in more ways than one. Congratulations Mr. President on your win, for another four years in the White House, and for beating out your GOP contender! Congratulations to Maine, Maryland and Washington for voting in marriage equality!  It’s about time. This election brought a record number of women to the U.S. Senate for the first time in U.S. history and hopefully puts a noticeable dent in the Old Boy’s Club. The more vaginas in Congress, the better.  For our nation and for our world. Congratulations ladies!  Kick ass, take names! And last but certainly not least, congratulations to Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin for being the first openly gay woman elected to the Senate!  We made huge strides in American politics yesterday and there is no shame in being gleeful and proud. America has a long way to go to solve its myriad of issues and let’s face it, we’re still a plutocracy, but let’s try to be glass-half-full, shall we?  America, you did us proud! You got it right! Let’s up the ante through 2016!



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