Er’day We’re Hustlin’

It’s been a month or so since my last confession. I’ve been living in Bangkok for nearly four months and so much has happened in such a short time. Digital Nomads have been busy little bees – first launching our Indiegogo Campaign, pushing it out to the masses, and raising not quite half of our fundraising goal.  We are grateful for what we did receive (thank you very much to our supporters) and we’ve been hustlin’ in Bangkok to stretch the funds as far as they will go.  We have secured two new studio lights, a sweet travel jib, a solid tripod, a used 18-200 mm lens for the Nikon d300, some ND filters, and an Audio Technica clip mic and a Rode VideoMic.  We are left with a very tiny budget, but we intend to use the remaining funds to travel to a few destinations in Thailand to complete the trailer for our documentary.  So far, we’ve shot on location in Bangkok and Pattaya – a small city to the south of Bangkok that serves as Thailand’s sex industry capital.  We hope to shoot in Mae Sot where we can focus on Burmese migrant issues and in Chiang Mai where we can focus on statelessness.  We’re taking a huge bite attempting to make a film that encompasses so many issues – human trafficking, statelessness and discrimination.  It would be easy enough to make an entire film about each one of these topics but they are often interrelated so we want to show as much of the situation as we can.


2013 has been full of surprises and these months in Bangkok have been no deviation. We’ve hit unchartered waters from time to time and have had to adapt and adjust accordingly. Such is the reality for any project I suppose. Our goal now is to finalize the trailer, put it out there, and get the funding we need to shoot the full-length. Neither one of us have made a documentary before so this whole project (from storyboarding to distribution) has required a lot of research, time, talking to those who’ve gone before us, and learning new equipment, video editing software and sound mixing.

We fully realize that the issues we are bringing to the forefront are quite sensitive and we both need to be super careful not to get blacklisted, detained or deported by the Thai government.  We are trying to keep a low profile about the video we are shooting and the content we are putting on social media sites.  We’ve both lived in Thailand for three years and we both know the ropes pretty well but there is a lot of self-interest in keeping Thailand’s reputation as a sunny, friendly, welcoming country for tourists.  We intend to edit and finalize the full-length film outside of the region.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…


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