It’s my first proper Thanksgiving in years and I’m going full throttle. Before I nosh myself silly, it’s time to reflect on what this holiday is really about: gratitude. There’s so much to be grateful for really. First and foremost, to the three pillars of my life right now, my mother Sheila, for all that she has done and continues to do, you truly are my anchor, to my dear friend Adam who is providing me shelter without which I might be living under a bridge somewhere, you are a great friend and true support in this transitory time, thank you for also indulging my midnight pregnancy cravings (!), to the man I love who continually challenges and inspires me, Christin, you truly amaze me. You have opened up my world and changed my life. The sky is our limit! To the bun in my oven, I’m dying to meet you!!! You inspire me to be a better person and you’re not even here yet. And you might be single-handedly responsible for taming the wild in me if that’s at all possible. A new chapter awaits us! To the indomitable Frank and Gabrielle Yetter for being such wonderful friends – two bright shining stars of positivity and possibility. Thank you for listening to all my rants and for understanding me so well. I love you both! Thank you to Ms. Amy Baum for being one of the best friends a girl could have. You get me like no other babes. Thank you for continually being my sounding board and for sharing so delightfully in the excitement of BB. To the generous Casey and Marty Glenn who are solely responsible for hooking this repatriating expat up. I’m speechless really. You both have saved my ass and I cannot thank you enough! To my old time friends Stacy, Richard and Sierra for getting me out of the house, for sharing laughs and goss, and for your unforgettable faces when I showed up unannounced on your doorsteps.

To my friends from all over the world – you are too many to name here – from Zambia, South Africa, Brazil, India, Ireland, Thailand, Turkey and beyond – thank you for expanding my worldview and helping me keep it all in perspective. You have taught me what’s important, challenged my thinking, and shown me that cynicism has no place in this world. For my Hindu brother Pramod for showing me what it means to be happy and joyful with very little. For teaching me not to worry and for always believing in the best. And last but certainly not least, to international travel for being one of the greatest gifts in life. And for the forces that made me born a first-worlder yet gave me the privilege to leave it. I live each day knowing my problems are slight, my fortunes many, and my obligation to be an agent for change undeniable. I truly am blessed, humbled and grateful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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