Osho On Truth, Awareness & Enlightenment

If you are a born seeker… I will suggest that you have a little rest, enjoy all the beauties of enlightenment, but don’t make it a full stop. Go beyond, because life, its journey, is unending and much more is going to happen that is absolutely indescribable.

Life is in living. It is not a thing: it is a process. There is no way to attain life except by living it, except by being alive, by flowing, streaming with it. If you are seeking the meaning of life in some dogma, in some philosophy, in some theology, that is the sure way to miss life and meaning both. Life is not somewhere waiting for you; it is happening in you. It is not in the future as a goal to be arrived at; it is here now, this very moment — in your breathing, circulating your blood, beating in your heart.

If you are living in ego, then your life will be a struggle; it will be violent, aggressive. You will create misery for others and misery for yourself, too, because a life of conflict cannot be anything else. So it all depends on you, who you are.

Nirvana has two meanings. It is one of the most beautiful words; any language can be proud of this word. It has two meanings, but those two meanings are like two sides of the same coin. One meaning is cessation of ego, and the other meaning is cessation of all desires.

Has living any meaning, any point, any worth? That is the question you are asking. Is there some goal to be achieved by life, by living? Is there some place you will reach one day by living? Living is a means. The goal, the attainment, somewhere far away, is the end. And that end will make it meaningful. If there is no end, then certainly life is meaningless; a God is needed to make life meaningful. First create the division between ends and means. That divides your mind.

But I say to you that you are meaning, the significance, and living itself is intrinsically complete. Life needs nothing else to be added. All that life needs is that you live it to its totality. If you live only partially, then you will not feel the thrill of being alive.

Choose wherever your whole being is flowing, where the wind is blowing. Move on that path as far as it leads, and never expect to find anything. Hence I have never been surprised — because I have never been expecting anything, so there is no question of surprise. Everything is surprise! And there is no question of disappointment; everything is appointment. If it happens, good; and if it does not happen, even better.

Buddha used to say, “It is just as the flame of a candle looks the same, but is never the same even for two consecutive moments. The flame is continuously becoming smoke, new flame is coming up. The old flame is going out; the new flame is coming up. The candle that you had burned in the evening is not the same candle that you will blow out in the morning. This is not the same flame that you had started; that has gone far away, nobody knows where. It is just a similarity; that has gone far away, nobody knows where. It is just a similarity of the flame that gives you the illusion that it is the same flame.” The same is true about your being. It is a flame. It is a fire. Each moment your being is changing, and if you get involved totally in anything, then you will see the change happening in you — each moment a new being, and a new world, and a new experience. Everything suddenly becomes so full of newness that you never see the same thing twice. Then naturally, life becomes a continuous mystery, a continuous surprise. On each step a new world opens up, of tremendous meaning, of incredible ecstasy.

To be what you don’t want to be, to be with someone you don’t want to be with, to do something you don’t want to do is the basis of all your miseries.

There is no such thing as peace of mind. Mind is the problem. When there is no mind, then there is no peace, so how can there be peace of mind? And any peace of mind is only fallacious; it simply means the noise has slowed down to such a point that you think it is silence, and you don’t have anything to compare it with.

The theory of reincarnation made India lethargic, dull. It made India utterly time-unconscious. It helped people to postpone. And if you can postpone for tomorrow, then today you will remain the same as you have been, and the tomorrow never comes. And India knows how to postpone not only to tomorrow but even to the next life.

A poor man is never bored, remember; only a rich man can afford boredom it is a rich man’s privilege. It is impossible for a poor man to feel boredom; he has no time. The whole day he is working; when he comes home, his is so tired, he falls asleep. He need not have many entertainments — television and movies and music and art and museums — he need not have all these things, he cannot have them. His only entertainment is sex; a natural thing, inbuilt. That’s why poor countries go on reproducing more children than rich countries — sex is the only entertainment. If you want to reduce the population of poor countries, give them more entertainment. Give them television sets, give them radios, movies — something that can keep distracted from sex.

The moment India became poor, the theory of reincarnation became an escape, a hope — rather than boredom, it became a hope, a possibility to postpone. “I am poor in this life. Nothing to be worried about; there are many lives. Next life, I am going to strive a little harder and I will be richer.”

A professor, teaching the philosophy of Descartes, was asked by a student, “Sir, I think, but how do I know that I am?” The professor pretended to peer around the classroom. “Who is asking the question?” he said.  “I am,” replied the student.

If you are getting more and more miserable, then you are on the trip of being an egomaniac. If you are becoming more and more tranquil, silent, happy, together, then you are on another trip — the trip of self- love. If you are on the trip of ego, you will become destructive to others — because the ego tries to destroy the thou. If you are moving toward self-love, the ego will disappear. And when the ego disappears, you allow the other to be himself or  herself; you give total freedom. If you don’t have any ego, you cannot create an imprisonment for the other you love; you cannot create a cage. You allow the other to be an eagle in the high heavens.  You allow others to be himself or herself; you give total freedom. Love gives total freedom. Love is freedom — freedom for you and freedom for the object you love. Ego is bondage — bondage for you and bondage for your victim.

Your body is a bag of skin. The skin defines your body; it defines where you and the world start. It is a demarcation around you. It protects you from the world, it divides you from the world, and it allows you only certain apertures to enters into the world or let the world enter you.

Buddha says when a person dies, his whole life’s accumulated desires, his whole life’s accumulated memories, his whole life’s patterns, karmas, jump like energy waves into a new womb. It is a jump. The exact words exist in physics: they call it quantum leap — a leap of pure energy without any substance in it.

Buddha says there is no walker, only walking. Life does not consist of things. Buddha says life consists of events. And that is exactly what modern science is saying: there are only processes, not things — events.


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