How is it possible that six months have lapsed since my last entry? Oh, right. I had a baby. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 8 April and fell head over heels into BabyLand where I’ve spent the last several months adjusting to motherhood and a newborn. Priorities shifted. Free time diminished. Sleeplessness set in and someone other than myself required all of me. It has been a truly amazing journey in and of itself, but that’s another blog.  So hello, blogosphere. I’m back, I hope. I’m the same, only different. Better, actually.

I’m back because a lot is happening in Southeast Asia and in the field of human trafficking and I have a lot of catching up to do. First, the Newsweek article that uncovered and exposed the Somaly Mam scandal. Then a dissolution of partnership between Hands Across the Water and Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA) for financial fraud. I’m back because I have a lot to share and a lot to say and the time is now. I will be updating GirlServesWorld in the coming weeks with all the new developments. Please stay tuned!


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