Fraud & Failure

I once read that you don’t have to take action against those who do harm. Karma will eventually catch up with them and if you are lucky, god will let you watch. That’s precisely what has transpired for me in the case of COSA. Read more about my history with COSA here.

This morning I discovered that Mickey Choothesa’s arrest warrant finally caught up with him and he will be forced to participate in the criminal trial brought against him for financial fraud. It appears from COSA’s homepage that the ship is finally sinking and a formal dissolution has commenced. While this is unfortunate for the girls residing at the shelter and for the numerous donors who believed in COSA’s mission and supported them with hard-earned funds, I think permanent closure is for the best.

When an organization has been accused of financial fraud, embellishing the histories of the girls in its care, and sexual misconduct, it really should not be in operation until proper investigations and legal proceedings have revealed the truth. COSA is a prime example where corruption, dishonesty, exploiting the compassionate, and megalomania corroded the entire operation from the inside out. My heart goes out to the girls who have been the pawn in all of this and I feel saddened for the numerous donors, staff and volunteers who believed in COSA’s work, gave willingly of their funds and time, and will be negatively impacted by this dissolution. In the end though, I still believe it is for the greater good to bring this miscreant to a grinding halt.



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