Four Under 40!

Four continents. Almost 40. 22 years of intermittent international travel. Not bad…not bad at all! In truth, it’s been an absolute gift. I’m truly grateful for having had the opportunity and ability to reach the destinations I’ve reached so far in my life. Each place has given me unforgettable memories, wild experiences, an expanded worldview, deeper cultural understanding and friends from every corner of the globe. Each destination and the people whose paths I’ve crossed along the way have added to the person I am today and have granted me the ability to connect with a wide range of people around the globe. I’ve lived in Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim nations. I can use short phrases in a dozen languages to speak to people all over world. It’s like being armed with an arsenal of connectivity and I wouldn’t trade it for a big house, a fast car or more money in the bank. I know many people in the world never have the opportunity to leave their homelands or cross borders so easily. This privilege isn’t lost upon me. But I won’t lie. I’m pretty proud of having graced four under 40. Only three more to go…should I be so fortunate.

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