5th Anniversary!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller

Hard to believe Leap & The Net Will Appear is celebrating its fifth year anniversary! I remember the day I launched this blog like it was yesterday. It was late December 2010. I was feverishly wrapping up aspects of the life I’d grown accustom to. I left my job, my boyfriend, my house, my friends, my family because something inside me was screaming to get out. It was a persistent, nagging, inner call to leave the confines of my comfort and set out to Thailand to work in anti-trafficking. The journey was supposed to be five months, six max. I could never have predicted what laid ahead. Nor could’ve I imagined five years later I’d be reminiscing about it all from North Africa.

What was supposed to be a half-year journey abroad turned into three years in Southeast Asia, full immersion into Thai culture, working for not one but two anti-trafficking organizations, leaving Thailand (very hesitantly) 12 weeks pregnant, repatriating (not easily or effortlessly) back to America, giving birth, becoming a mother, and deciding to give internationality another go, this time in a way I’d never done it before, with a child! An unconventional life, perhaps. A grand experiment, for sure. A work in progress, always. Five years, four continents, and three passports later, I am going on my sixth month of living in Morocco and my son is soon to be two-years-old. Who knows where the path may lead from here, but I’m all-in. Thank you so incredibly much for all the love, support, friendship, and kindness over these years. I wouldn’t be who I am or where am I without you.

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