Travel photographer. World citizen. Lover of culture and humanity.

selfiecircleI boarded my first international flight when I was 18. I was young, naive and relatively clueless about the world. A door to the world was opened for me then and I was instantly hooked. I have since been crossing the International Date Line every chance I get. I’m happiest arriving in places unfamiliar to me, pushing the confines of my comfort zone, and connecting with people from vastly different cultures. While we live in a world of great diversity and difference – something I am addicted to both exploring and understanding – we also share many more similarities. I am always looking to find the places of our commonality.

For 20+ years I have traveled alone, boarding each flight with my camera, a journal (now a blog) and a sense of sheer adventure and anticipation. My travels have taken me to four continents and have opened my mind and heart in ways I never imagined. Travel truly is a gift and a privilege. What better way to expand one’s understanding of the world, embrace cultural diversity, and celebrate our common humanity.

This blog began as ‘GirlServesWorld’ in December 2010. I had just ended a longterm relationship, sold my house, quit my job in the legal field, and bought a ticket to Southeast Asia where I planned to volunteer with an anti-trafficking organization for five months. I ended up staying in Southeast Asia for three years and in that time worked with two anti-trafficking organizations, traveled to seven countries, and visited NGOs, GOs, shelters, and red light districts in every one of those countries. I met inspiring people from all over the world, learned the ups and downs of international development work and was exposed to the realities of human trafficking on the ground, a field wrought with over-sensationalism and misconceptions.

I very reluctantly made my way back to the US in late 2013. I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time and had decided for numerous reasons to give birth stateside. Repatriation knocked the wind right out of my sails. I never imagined it would be so difficult to reintegrate to a place so familiar, a place I once called home. With time, I eventually regained my footing, but never fully picked up where I left off and something always felt amiss. I longed for internationality, new horizons, places unfamiliar.

Once I adjusted to my new role as a mother, and my adorable son was travel-ready, we jet set once again. I rebranded my blog and gave it a new name, ‘Leap & The Net Will Appear.’ Because that’s exactly what we did. Lept. And trusted. First to the Caribbean and then onto our new residence in Morocco. Travel and international living, I knew fairly well. But doing it with a toddler in tow was an experiment. Lucky for me, my guy is a fearless adventurer. And I’m able to give him what I value most – a multicultural, international life, full of adventure. Thanks for joining us. Xo

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  1. Noel, I tried to call you this morning (nothing like last minute) to wish you well on your adventure and the number was disconnected, as I suspected. I wanted to let you know that I am behind you 100 percent. Good luck, enjoy every minute and I am so proud of you. Love and hugs!!

  2. Hi!
    I stumbled upon your blog doing a search for Mae Sai. I was really interested by your post. I’ve been to Mae Sai a few times (I lived in Mae Sot for over a year) and I’m planning on returning to live in Mae Sai this year.
    Thanks for the different view of the city!

    1. I’ve been meaning to get to Mae Sot and volunteer in a Burmese refugee camp. Any information you may have on this would be greatly appreciated! Let me know when you are back in Mae Sai. Perhaps we can meet up.

  3. Hey Schmoel. What a nice surprise to find a thank you note and a few postcards in my mail from you. I read your post as often as you post and get such a kick out of it. I’m so proud of you for following your heart and doing something to change the world. I hope that things fall into place for extending your stay. Take care and sending big hugs from Montana.

  4. your journey as begun i envy your ability to follow through on your dreams as many are not able to muster the strength to do so. Your spirit,courage, and flavor never cease to amaze or inspire me. Again when you come home to Montana let an old man buy and old soul a new and refreshing beverage!!! Be well soul sister!!

    Peace,love, and much respect!!!

    1. Thank you so much Rajiem! I really appreciate your kind words. Taking the leap was the best thing I ever did even if it meant giving up a lot in order to do it. The hardest part is being away from loved ones and missing out on their day-to-day lives but I continue to do what I do because I’ve never felt so alive.

      Thanks for your positivity! Take good care and soak up Big Sky Country for me!

      P.S. You can buy me a drink anytime we are in the same zip code. Preferably Johnny Walker Red with soda. 🙂

      1. Keep fighting the good fight but just be sure to take care of yourself and stay safe!!! and I only drink Johnny Walker Black Label on the rocks. You are my soul sister!!!! Be well be happy be safe!!!

        Peace,love, and much respect,

  5. Are you related to Russ Lindquist? Such an uncommon name for me not to ask. I was looking up some weird fruit on Google and you just happen to come up. Weird..

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