Fraud & Failure

I once read that you don’t have to take action against those who do harm. Karma will eventually catch up with them and if you are lucky, god will let you watch. That’s precisely what has transpired for me in the case of COSA. Read more about my history with COSA here. This morning I discovered that […]

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F is for Fraud

In early 2013, I was hired as a Project Manager for Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA). I had been in-country for two years at that point. For 15 months, I worked as the International Department Coordinator for DEPDC – Thailand’s longest-standing anti-trafficking NGO. When my contract with DEPDC was up, I moved from Mae Sai […]

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Trailer: Selling Our Daughters

I am delighted to now be working as Project Manager for a new NGO here in northern Thailand, Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA).  Check out this trailer for an upcoming documentary, Selling Our Daughters, featuring the founder, the villages we work with, and the girls at the shelter. *Update 28 May 2015: This trailer no […]

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